Artists' Choice Bundle

Bundle Includes: Hustle Bubbles Deluxe (7 fl oz), Hustle Helper (5 fl oz), Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Balm (5 fl oz)
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Includes: 1x Hustle Bubbles Deluxe (7 fl oz), 1x Hustle Helper (5 fl oz),  1x Hustle Butter Deluxe Tattoo Balm (5 fl oz)

Artists - look no further, we have the ultimate solution for you. Our artist starter pack has all of the essentials. Whether you’re tattooing for the first time or the millionth, we have you covered. Our products are loved by artists globally because they were designed with artists for artists. We love this industry, and wanted to leave it better than we found it. So we created these products so that you can do what you do best - elevate the game and take tattooing to new levels. And boy have we seen new levels in the field. So thank you.

Now let’s chat about this bundle. You have three of our classic products here, three products that made us famous. First up, Hustle Bubbles. This antimicrobial tattoo wash does it all - it cleans the area and keeps it free from dirt, germs, and bacteria, but it doesn’t stop there. It does this while being gentle to skin, and helping to reduce the risk of infection. Hustle Bubbles is the perfect in-process soap, and can also be used by your clients as aftercare. Next up, Hustle Helper. Hustle Helper cleans the area while also providing comfort to your client with the help of Lidocaine in the formulation. This can help with an easier, more seamless process for you and a more comfortable process for the client. All while cleaning the area and keeping germs out. Talk about multi-tasking. And finally, our Hustle Butter Deluxe. Our flagship product. This is a product you don’t want to miss. It is perfect for pre-process to moisturize and soothe the area, in-process as a glide, and as aftercare to nourish the skin during the healing process. Plus, it smells like a tropical vacation. 

All of our products are made with naturally-derived ingredients, and are vegan and cruelty-free. As if you needed more reasons to come along for the ride.

This bundle packs a lot of punch - trust us and try it out. You’ll be back for more. And more. Hustle Butter will help enhance your artistry if you give us the chance. You Can’t Knock The Hustle.

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