“Hustle Butter is probably the best aftercare lotion for tattoos that I’ve ever tried, personally. This stuff works superbly during the initial stages of healing, keeping your tattoo well hydrated as well as keeping the area feeling cool and soothed, which helps greatly if you suffer a lot from tattoo itching.”

Authority Tattoo
Tattoo Information Guide

“In addition to having amazing value when tending to cuts,swelling and skin inflamation, Hustle Butter Deluxe is a 100% natural, vegan U.S.A and E.U Certified, REPLACEMENT for all petroleum based products used as tattoo & piercing lubricants, healing salves,daily moisturizers , massage and therapeutic balms. Tattoo, Pierce, Heal, EVERYTHING!!!“

Leaping Bunny Program
Cruelty Free Certification

“Disregard of a healing tattoo can seriously affect the outcome. Heal your tattoo the right way with the best product on the market:”

Tattoo Pushers
NYC Tattoo Artist Database

"Hustle Butter Deluxe fills the void of quality vegan products in the tattoo aftercare industry. It belongs in every tattoo lover’s medicine cabinet and on the shelves of every tattoo store.”

Ink Done Right
Tatoo Care Source

“My whole life-I have always trusted my gut instinct and I follow it. It has never let me down to this day. This is why I have been with Hustle Butter Deluxe since day one. I remember when Richie approached me with just an idea and dream at first so I went with my gut as always without hesitation. All I can say it still hasn’t let me down. Hustle Butter Deluxe personifies characters I check myself that I live by everyday; genuine and real, give 100% of yourself, and never settle for anything less.”

Lepa Denis
Tatoo Artist

“NO more petroleum build up or clogged tubes. Skin remains workable: no more over worked highlights, yellows & whites go in the first time, color never went in so easy."

Tattoo Inc.
NZ Tattoo Supplies Retailer

“In comparison to Bepanthen I found the Hustle Butter so much nicer to use. For one it smells amazing, sweet and coconutty and it also feels balmy and nourishing, not sticky and clogging. To compare it to cocoa butter it wins hands down for long-lasting moisturization. In the past, if I’ve been at work all day it’s tricky to grab the time to smother yourself in cream in the bathrooms – so the fact that I’m only having to reapply a couple of times a day with this is just so awesome!"

The Day's Eyes
Beauty Blog

“My tattoos heal a lot quicker and better than with any other products. Myself and my clients cannot be without Hustle Butter Deluxe.”

Kamil Mocet

“Hustle Butter CBD Balm is the perfect tattoo care to be used throughout the tattooing process…While working, you’ll find out there’s no more petroleum buildup, clogged tubes or worn, broken down gloves like you might experience with other products.”

Liam from Killer Ink

“I recommend Hustle Butter as it is made for tattoos and can be used all the way through the healing process and not clog your pours like products such as a&d or similar petroleum based product. Never use vaseline or neosporin on your new tattoo, these products are counter productive to the healing process”

Bleeding Heart Tattoo
Tattoo Parlor Website

“Some aftercare products take a couple of days to start reducing redness and inflammation, but Hustle Butter Deluxe starts working before the tattoo is even inked. If only used as an aftercare product, it can begin to reduce inflammation and soothe the area within a day of use.”

Doctor Woo
Tattoo numbing cream reviews

“Unlike Vaseline which clogs the skin pores, hence increasing irritation, Hustle Butter is a 100% natural moisturizer, lubricant AND aftercare that actually benefits the skin during the tattooing process rather than choking it.”

The Tattoo Apprentice Club
Woman named Noa, tattoo artist blog

“Among the ingredients are coconut and mango, which really give this product a gorgeous smell. The butter itself is quite thick, and you only need a small amount to apply to your tattoo. This means that even a small tub will last for ages. I find that it sinks in quickly and makes your skin feel lovely and smooth. I believe that it definitely helped with the healing of my tattoo.”

Lacey Merton
Lacey Merton's blog