How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on hip

Chances are, if you survey 10 women who have been pregnant whether they are familiar with stretch marks, you’ll get close to 100% affirmative response. While those “battle scars” of motherhood are more commonly associated with pregnancy, they actually show up in several other scenarios as well.  Sometimes they appear upon a significant weight gain or loss, or a rapid bulking up of muscle, and even from a growth spurt during puberty. Hormone levels and genetics may also play their part, so not everyone will get stretch marks, even under similar circumstances. They typically are more common in women than men, but they really don’t discriminate, so gentlemen should not think they are immune based on having that Y chromosome.

Stretch marks can show up as darker or lighter depending on a person’s skin tone. They usually appear as shiny, streaky lines on different parts of the body and are simply caused by the skin being stretched somewhat rapidly.

At this time, there are no proven ‘cures’ to permanently get rid of stretch marks, but there are definitely some effective steps you can take to minimize their appearance and any discomfort associated. All the extra stretching of the skin can cause it to become dry, irritated and itchy, so the key is to minimize those symptoms as best you can.

There are some medical treatments that a doctor or dermatologist may offer but quite frankly, they can be expensive, and somewhat painful as well, so you may prefer to take a more natural approach.

Like most things related to good skin care and maintaining healthy skin all over the body, it really does start from the inside out. So, for starters, drink up! Be sure you are getting at least 6-8 glasses of water daily, and if you can handle more, go for it.

When your skin is well hydrated, it can help preserve the elastin and collagen that occurs naturally in your body and helps your skin keep from scarring. Also, focus on your nutrition. A collagen supplement couldn’t hurt, but even better is choosing foods that can help boost your body’s production of collagen is also a great service to your skin’s good health.

Applying a top quality, all natural moisturizing cream that’s got plenty of nourishing and healing ingredients like coconut oil, Vitamin E Complex and essential oils can certainly not do anything but help the cause. The luxurious and wholesome ingredients in Hustle Butter Deluxe will definitely help to keep your skin well hydrated and make stretch marks less visible. 

Stretch marks are not harmful and there are no known health concerns associated with them, but they can be unsightly and make a person feel self conscious, particularly if they are in an area where the skin may be exposed.  Remember, the good news here is that even if your efforts to treat them are not wildly successful, they will eventually fade away in due time.


About the author: Yaffa Baslaw (@yadeinu) is a Freelance Writer with over a decade of experience copywriting and blogging compelling content. She has written for more than 20 companies in the fields of healthcare, skincare, and retail.