How to Treat Muscle Pain

How to Treat Muscle Pain

You know that feeling. You might have done a little too much bending and stretching trying to clean up all those autumn leaves falling down in the yard. Or, you decided these beautiful, brisk fall days are perfect to take up running, except, you never ran more than down the block and come to think of it, did you forget to stretch out before you took that exhilarating jog around the park? Even just a power nap on the couch鈥 sleeping in a funny position for a little too long could do it. Whatever the circumstances that caused it, when you have that feeling, it鈥檚 only a matter of a few hours or a day at most, before those sore muscles start screaming for some attention.

We all have times where we overdo it, and sore muscles are a common after effect. It鈥檚 no joke either鈥 muscle pain can really be debilitating depending on where it is in the body. There are several ways to provide relief for muscle pain, not all work as well for everyone and in every instance. The key is to try a few of them, even in combination, till you see what works best for you and your body.

Here are 6 tried and true remedies to try out on your aching body:   

Heat - A good old fashioned hot water bottle or electric heating pad gets the blood flowing to the area where the muscles are hurting.

Ice - If there鈥檚 inflammation along with muscle pain, then icing it periodically for a day or two after the injury occurs is a good idea. Icing the area will lessen the swelling and give some alleviate some of the acute pain.

Massage -  A good rubbing-down of those aching muscles not only feels heavenly, it can really do wonders to loosen up sore muscles, increase blood flow and help relieve the pain. A nourishing, soothing cream or ointment while massaging will offer even greater results. A CBD infused cream like Hustle Butter CBD Balm contains anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and comfort your pain points.

Move - It may seem counterintuitive when you are in lots of pain to actually move, but when it comes to muscle pain, one of the best ways to work through it is actually gentle movement and stretching. No, it鈥檚 not time to do any strenuous physical activity, but moderate movement and 

Soak - Get yourself into a nice hot bath with some Epson salts and let the combination of the warm water and minerals work their magic.

Swallow - A does of any over the counter pain meds definitely helps take the edge off. Ibuprofen or any other NSAID you prefer will typically offer you quick relief within minutes of swallowing a dose, and if you need it, repeat it as you need it.

Any and all of these remedies can certainly be of help next time you overexert and find yourself hurting. No matter how mindful we may try to be to avoid such injuries, things happen, and it pays to be informed and prepared to take good care of you.

About the author: Yaffa Baslaw (@yadeinu) is a Freelance Writer with over a decade of experience copywriting and blogging compelling content. She has written for more than 20 companies in the fields of healthcare, skincare, and retail.